Yard Waste Information


Since leaf burning is not permitted in the Village, during the spring and fall seasons, Public Works will circulate throughout the Village on Mondays to vacuum leaves. This service is offered as time and weather permit, generally April 15th - May 15th and October 15 - November 15th.  Please have your leaves out by Sunday evening to ensure pick up during that week. Residents will need to rake their leaves as close to the edge of the road as possible. To maintain proper drainage of the culverts and storm drains, do not place leaves on roads or in ditch lines. Leaf piles containing branches, sticks, grass clippings or garden waste will not be picked up as these items cause damage to the vacuum hose.


As time and weather permit, Public Works will circulate throughout the Village on Mondays to pick up branches.  The wood chipper can handle branches up to a 4" diameter. Please have your branches out by Sunday evening to ensure pick up that week.  Please stack branches neatly with the cut end to the road. This service is meant as a pruning/storm damage service. For entire tree removal, please contact a tree removal service. The Village will not pick up branches from an entire tree.

Grass Clippings and Other Waste

Waste Management will pick up grass clippings and other yard waste (such as leaves) on your normal garbage day (Mid April - Mid Nov). Clippings and yard waste must be in a paper yard waste bag with a Waste Management sticker on them. Bags and stickers can be purchased from Walgreens, located on Grand Avenue or you can contact Waste Management (847-395-2020) and subscribe to their seasonal lawn waste service.

Christmas Tree Pickup

In agreement with the Village of Lake Villa, Waste Management collects Christmas trees for village residents on. To ensure that your tree is properly collected, please remove all ornaments, lights, tinsel, etc. and place the tree at the curbside. As a reminder, if you need to use a bag while transporting the tree out of your home, please remove the bag before leaving the tree at the curbside. Trees to be collected must be clean; having no tinsel, lights, ornaments, etc. Trees must be manageable for one driver.

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