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On behalf of the men and women of the Lake Villa Police Department, thank you for visiting our web site. I hope that you find the information contained here informative and useful.  Please take a few moments and get familiar with your police department and the services that we share with the community. LVPD employs a seasoned, well-trained group of sworn personnel and civilian staff that have a passion for their work and realize what it is to serve and protect the community. We are committed in our mission to provide quality police service to the residents of Lake Villa and to work side by side with our neighboring communities to enforce a zero tolerance approach to drugs, gangs and related criminal activity.  We work closely with our schools to assist them in providing safe and secure learning environments for our children. We meet regularly with our community and business groups to provide crime prevention tips and to enhance the communication between the police and the residents we serve. Strong citizen-police partnerships lead to the reduction of crime.  We cannot be successful without your assistance.  I encourage you to report any crimes or unusual incidents you observe.  

Thank you for your support.


Craig Somerville

Chief of Police

Illinois Cell Phone Law:

Effective 1/1/2014, all drivers are forbidden to use hand-held cellphones while they are moving along the roadway. Drivers may use their cellphones only through use of a Bluetooth or other system that does not require the driver to hold the phone when the vehicle is moving.

The fine for the first offense is $75 and then rises from there for subsequent offenses.

Cell Phone use already is prohibited in work and school zones.

House Watch:

To residents who are leaving town for spring break or other travel plans please remember the police department offers a house watch program.  Residents can either come to the police department to request a house watch or electronically submit a request by going to the police department/forms section of this website.

Public Safety:

A common statement made to our officers by residents is that they had seen or heard something and thought about calling the police but did not because they assumed it was not important or they didn't want to bother us.  The police department encourages that you call us when this happens. Things such as your pet dog barking at something outside in the middle of the night or a strange vehicle seen in your neighborhood can be helpful information for our officers.  Please understand you don't have to give your name to the dispatcher if you do not want to.

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