Peddlers & Mobile Food Trucks

Mobile Food Vendors and Peddlers that operate in the Village of Lake Villa are required once annually (May 1 – April 30) to obtain a license through the Village prior operating at an event or on any Village street, park or other property.  Applicants are required to complete the Village’s Application, pay the $75 fee,  provide the required information and pass the required background investigation. 

A mobile food vendor is a person who offers for sale at retail food and/or beverages, utilizing a vehicle designed to be readily movable.  A Peddler is any person who, going from place to place, shall sell, offer for sale, sell and deliver, barter or exchange any food, beverage, goods, merchandise, wood, fish, fruits, vegetables, country produce or any other permitted article from a vehicle or otherwise.  The term “peddler” does not include “solicitors”, nor does the term include persons who deliver goods or services, who are fulfilling an order for such goods or services which was solicited or placed by mail or means other than in person.  The term “peddler” shall also include any person operating as a temporary vendor within the Village.

Any questions should be directed to the Village at 847-356-6100.

Peddler & Mobile Food Truck Application