Neighborhood Policing Program

Dear Resident,

The Lake Villa Police Department would like to remind residents of our Neighborhood Policing Program. This program is designed to promote a partnership and facilitate communication between the residents and the police department.  The Lake Villa Police Department wants to give the citizens a contact within the police department that they can use for non-emergency reasons. Each subdivision is assigned a neighborhood police officer that the resident can contact. You can ask questions, report activity (speeding vehicles, graffiti, extra patrol requests, etc.), give anonymous tips regarding criminal or suspicious behavior, or other general concerns.  This program is not meant for in progress or emergency situations. Please call 9-1-1 for emergency assistance or (847)356-6106 for non-emergency. 

Below is a list of the subdivisions and the police officer that is assigned to that area.  You can reach the officer by email or by calling (847)356-6106 and leaving a message at their extension.  Please understand the officer may not be working that day so it may be a few days before he/she is able to return your message.  If you do not live in a subdivision, Lt. DeCaro is your assigned officer. As always, we are here to serve the community. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me anytime.


Rochelle Tisinai

Subdivision Police Officer / Extension Email
Painted Lakes Ofc. Dreyer ext. 437
North Shore on Deep Lake Ofc. Dreyer ext. 437
Oakland Ridge Ofc. Dreyer ext. 437
Pineview Estates Ofc. Caliendo ext. 441
Deep Lake Shore Ofc. Caliendo ext. 441
Ishnala Estates Ofc. Caliendo ext. 441
Winddance Ofc. Dvorak ext. 222
Savanna Springs Ofc. Dvorak ext. 222
Cedar Crossing Ofc. Demski ext. 407
Woodhill Estates Ofc. Demski ext. 407
Ishnala Country Estates Ofc. Baghdasarian ext. 423
Amber Field Lakes Ofc. Baghdasarian ext. 423
Prairie Trail Ofc. Baghdasarian ext. 423
Northwood Trails Ofc. Willer ext. 408
Cedar Ridge Estates Ofc. Willer ext. 408

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