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Payment Methods

  1. Pay Online: To access your account, use your 12 digit utility account number to search for your account.  Once your account is located, key in your PIN number to continue.  Your PIN number is located on the front of your utility bill.
  2. Pay by Phone: Call 844-471-9642.  You will need to know your 12 digit utility account number to make a payment. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
  3. Automatic Payment Option: Auto Debit- Complete the application, attach a voided check and return to the Village Hall.  The Village will debit your checking/savings account for the current billed charges on the due date. You will still receive a bill in the mail as your notification of the amount that will be debited from your account. 
  4. Pay by Mail: Use the return envelope provided which is addressed to PO Box 7221, Carol Stream, IL 60197-7221.  If paying by mail, please allow at least 7 days for delivery to avoid a late penalty charge.  During the Holiday Season, allow extra time for mailing.
  5. Pay in Person - Drop off payments at the Village Hall located at 65 Cedar Avenue, Lake Villa, IL. A Night Slot is located on the front door of the Village Hall for after hour convenience.

Water and Sewer Rates and Payments

Billings are based upon water usage obtained through meter readings for each billing cycle. The readings are measured per thousand gallons. The following Water & Sewer rates became effective with bills issued after 05/1/2021:

  • The rate for Water Service is $9.41 per thousand gallons with a minimum usage of 3,000 gallons per month.  Effective 5/1/2022, the rate will increase to $9.69.  
  • The rate for Sewer Service is based upon water usage and is $7.32 per thousand gallons with a minimum usage of 1,500 gallons per month.  Effective 5/1/2022, the rate will increase to $7.54.

Each billing due date is by the 15th of the month (Bi-Monthly billings are due by the 15th of every 'even' month). A 10% late charge penalty is assessed on the unpaid current billing's charges if payment is not received by the due date.


If an account has an outstanding balance of $100 or greater from a previous billing period, a Shut-Off Notice is mailed to the delinquent party who is responsible for the payment of the bill. The Shut-Off Notice will advise that if the bill is not paid by the due date on the notice (usually within 7 days after the Shut-Off Notice is mailed) that the water service will be disconnected. If service is disconnected, it shall not be reinstated until the past due bill is paid in addition to a $100 reconnection fee.

In addition, in the event the charges for services are not paid within 30 days after the rendition of bill and service has been disconnected, these delinquencies shall constitute liens to be placed upon the real estate. The Village Treasurer and/or Village Clerk is authorized and directed to file sworn statements showing such delinquencies with the Office of the Recorder of Deeds of Lake County, and the filing of such statements shall be deemed notice of payment for such charges and for such services. All past due water & sewer balances, penalties, lien fees and the $100 reconnection fee must be paid prior to restoring service to the delinquent property. (Ord. 2009-02-04, 2-25-2009)

Utility E-Billing

If you would like to receive an electronic bill instead of being mailed a paper bill, please call Village Hall at (847)356-6100, or complete this form to enroll. When calling Village Hall, please include your name, account number, and home address.

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