Common Permits

The following are examples of projects that may require a building permit. If your proposed project is not on this list, please contact the Building Department at 847-356-6100 to see if a permit is required.

Projects that require a building permit

All Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures, Remove and Replace or Installing New Fixtures

Customary Home Occupations (Registration Required)


Cutting Down or Removing Trees


Installation of Wood Burning Stove

Building or rennovation of a deck

Principal Structure

Deck Board/Railing Replacement

Plumbing Work - Any Changes or Additions


Radio Towers, Residential

Detached Garage

Private Kennel Fence Areas


Lawn Sprinkling (Irrigation) System

Driveway Extension Either Side of Existing Driveway

Removing or Erecting Bearing Partition Walls

Replacing or Changing Electrical Service

Digging, Filling or Clearing of Property

Aluminum Soffit Overlay/Porch Ceiling Overlay

Dumbwaiter, Escalator, Elevator


Electric Lighting for Outside House/Yard

Residential Television Tower/Satellite Dish

Moving, Raising, Shoring or Underpinning Structures

Electric Work - Any Changes or Additions

Retaining Wall on Lot Line

Fences, New and Replacement



Finishing Basement (Build Out)

Installation of Fireplace, etc.

Installation of Kitchen Cabinets, etc.

Installation of Windows in which the Opening needs to be Larger

Paneling of Interior Walls

Tents over 1000 square feet

Hot Tubs

Swimming Pool, Above or Below Ground

Heating Work - Any Changes or Additions

Change in Use

Building or improving a Sea Wall

Gasoline Pump

Seasons Room Enclosures

Gasoline Tanks Above or Below Ground

Parking Lots





Projects that don't require a building permit

Air Conditioning Replacement (Residential only) Driveway Black Topping (existing driveway) Installing Hardwood Floor, Tile, etc. Planting Trees, Shrubs, etc. Replacing Sump Pump
Aluminum Fascia, Window Covering Furnace Replacement (Residential only) Installing Storm Doors, Storm Windows and Screens Recreation Equipment Replacing Windows with Same Opening
Brick Paver Sidewalk, Driveway or Patio Hot Water Heater (H.W.H.) Replacement (Residential only) Outdoor Solar Lighting for House Repairing Roof up to 2 Square Shingles Tents up to 1000 Square Feet
Concrete Slab, Sidewalk, Patio or Stoops Installing Carpeting Painting House/Deck, etc. Replacing Fire Alarms and Smoke Detection Batteries Trimming Trees, Shrubs, etc.

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