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Parking Regulations

Information on the Village's parking restrictions can be found in the Village Code: Parking Regulations

Lockout Process

The Lake Villa Police Department provides a limited vehicle lock out service to the community. Residents of Lake Villa who request the service will not be assessed a fee. Non-Residents who request the service will be charged a fee of $50.00. The lockout fee will be waived under the following circumstances:

  1. For an operator of a vehicle owned by any federal, state, county or municipal agency if the operator is engaged throughout his or her federal, state, county or municipal duties
  2. For an operator of a vehicle when that vehicle or its contents poses a hazard and therefore, the vehicle must be removed immediately from its current location
  3. For an operator, regardless of Village residency, of a locked vehicle that is occupied by a person that cannot unlock the vehicle and there is a potential health or safety risk to humans or pets
  4. For any other emergency circumstances as determined by the responding police officer. 

Methods of payment for the Police Department's lockout service are cash, personal check or debit/credit cards.

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